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Coffee & Whiskey: A Love Story

Many people wonder what we mean by "Barrel-Aged Coffee" so I'm here to explain. Grab a glass of your favorite brown or amber beverage and get ready for the love story of Barrel-Aged Coffee.

If you've ever traveled to the horse farms in Kentucky and toured the beautiful distilleries, you are well aware of the peacefulness that settles in as you travel passed miles of pastures with thoroughbreds calmly grazing on either side. Long black fences lead the way to the wonderful aroma of the angel's share being disbursed from each distillery. It's as if time stands still and the only thing that matters is the incredibly deep history of making whiskey. You see here at Barrel House, our love for coffee is equally split with our love for whiskey and we wanted to find a way to marry those two loves "til death do us part".

Some coffee companies have soaked their green (unroasted) coffee beans in whiskey and call it infused. However, we wanted to mirror the process of aging whiskey when creating our coffee products so that's exactly what we did. We purchased recently dumped whiskey and bourbon barrels, simply poured green coffee beans in them to let the beans absorb the aroma over an extended period of time, introducing for the first time Mr. and Mrs. Barrel-Aged! Once the coffee has been nose-tested by our owners and approved, we dump the beans out and roast them to perfection cooking out the alcohol and leaving behind the familiar notes of our beloved whiskey. These two flavors are soulmates and were destined for each other and we are honored to have played a small role in bringing them together for a lifetime of happiness. We hope you enjoy this beautiful couple as much as we do and continue to celebrate their marriage. Cheers!


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