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Updated: Sep 10, 2018

A few weeks ago, we invited our friends at the Atlanta Cigar Society to try our coffee and let us know what cigars best fit the flavors profiles of our coffee. The reviews we received were amazing, and as we get more in we will share them with you. Also if you have a favorite cigar that you smoke with your Barrel House Coffee, please share it with us and we will get it posted for everyone to see. Here are the reviews so far.

"I had the Kenyan coffee aged in Bourbon barrels. It’s listed as medium and has the coloration of a medium but drinks a lot lighter. It has a very curious smell which has been growing on me. It’s a fruitier smell and taste than I was expecting which isn’t bad at all.

I would pair this with a Nub Connecticut, Davidoff Series 2000, Undercrown Shade. Definitely lighter smokes.

I paired it with a Nub Connecticut."

-Brian Epstein

"I wanted to do a quick review and cigar pairing recommendation off the coffee I received from James Howard. First off it is a very interesting coffee, the undertone of the whiskey is rich and combined with the dark coffee notes was really good. I would be curious how this would match up with a bit of bourbon cream mixed into it. Now, for cigar recommendations, I will stick with things that aren't difficult to find and would pair well. My Father Le bijou, CAO Flathead 660, and Oliva Serie V Melanio. For this group specifically I would recommend a Cuban Monte #2 or Tatuaje Jason. Thanks for the truly different experience James. "

-Paul Preuss


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