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What started as a passion for whiskey and coffee has evolved into an overall passion for the day-to-day interactions we have with our customers. As I type these words, the buzz of dozens of conversations taking place amongst our patrons enjoying a freshly roasted and brewed cup of Bourbon Brazil coffee fills the 1500 square foot shop. Rough-cut wood and whiskey-stained barrels draw the eye to the roasting room where all of the action happens. Our customers are welcomed to walk around the roasting area and ask us as many questions as they want. My favorite part of the day is when I get locked into a conversation with a customer who truly loves what we are doing and can't contain their excitement.

On a weekly basis, we attempt to provide a variety of barrel-aged coffee options for our regulars to gain a new flavor for their palette. Who'd-a-thunk Ethiopian bean tastes absolutely incredible when it has been aging in a Whiskey or Bourbon barrel for about a month?

January 8, 2019 officially marked the end of our first full month of operating and we've learned a great deal. Moving forward, our mission is to consistently provide our customers with the same great flavors they experienced over the holidays by increasing our aging capacity and staggering the times we fill barrels so that we avoid the dreaded stock out. We have determined 3 beans that will remain our staple foundations for future coffee solutions. Ethiopian, Brazilian and Colombian beans when aged in a Whiskey or Bourbon barrel are far too good to consider changing. We will also be experimenting with blending options that will only further draw the curtains back on the barrel-aging experience. We're attempting to gain access to different types of barrels that have once had beer aging in them so that we can explore those flavor options. We've already added a new barrel rack to increase capacity and we plan to add 2 more barrel racks in the next couple of weeks which will allow us to have 18 barrels aging at once onsite. We will be upgrading our roasting this year to be able to keep up with our overwhelming demand from our absolutely amazing customers. Improvements throughout the shop will happen in 2019 so keep coming in to get a firsthand look at the changes.

We have been completely blown away by the response from everyone coming into the shop and following us on Facebook/Instagram. Thank you all for your support! 2019 is going to be a wild ride so pour a cup of your favorite BHCC coffee and get ready!


Your BHCC Team

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Many people wonder what we mean by "Barrel-Aged Coffee" so I'm here to explain. Grab a glass of your favorite brown or amber beverage and get ready for the love story of Barrel-Aged Coffee.

If you've ever traveled to the horse farms in Kentucky and toured the beautiful distilleries, you are well aware of the peacefulness that settles in as you travel passed miles of pastures with thoroughbreds calmly grazing on either side. Long black fences lead the way to the wonderful aroma of the angel's share being disbursed from each distillery. It's as if time stands still and the only thing that matters is the incredibly deep history of making whiskey. You see here at Barrel House, our love for coffee is equally split with our love for whiskey and we wanted to find a way to marry those two loves "til death do us part".

Some coffee companies have soaked their green (unroasted) coffee beans in whiskey and call it infused. However, we wanted to mirror the process of aging whiskey when creating our coffee products so that's exactly what we did. We purchased recently dumped whiskey and bourbon barrels, simply poured green coffee beans in them to let the beans absorb the aroma over an extended period of time, introducing for the first time Mr. and Mrs. Barrel-Aged! Once the coffee has been nose-tested by our owners and approved, we dump the beans out and roast them to perfection cooking out the alcohol and leaving behind the familiar notes of our beloved whiskey. These two flavors are soulmates and were destined for each other and we are honored to have played a small role in bringing them together for a lifetime of happiness. We hope you enjoy this beautiful couple as much as we do and continue to celebrate their marriage. Cheers!

  • barrelhousecoffeeco

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

A few weeks ago, we invited our friends at the Atlanta Cigar Society to try our coffee and let us know what cigars best fit the flavors profiles of our coffee. The reviews we received were amazing, and as we get more in we will share them with you. Also if you have a favorite cigar that you smoke with your Barrel House Coffee, please share it with us and we will get it posted for everyone to see. Here are the reviews so far.

"I had the Kenyan coffee aged in Bourbon barrels. It’s listed as medium and has the coloration of a medium but drinks a lot lighter. It has a very curious smell which has been growing on me. It’s a fruitier smell and taste than I was expecting which isn’t bad at all.

I would pair this with a Nub Connecticut, Davidoff Series 2000, Undercrown Shade. Definitely lighter smokes.

I paired it with a Nub Connecticut."

-Brian Epstein

"I wanted to do a quick review and cigar pairing recommendation off the coffee I received from James Howard. First off it is a very interesting coffee, the undertone of the whiskey is rich and combined with the dark coffee notes was really good. I would be curious how this would match up with a bit of bourbon cream mixed into it. Now, for cigar recommendations, I will stick with things that aren't difficult to find and would pair well. My Father Le bijou, CAO Flathead 660, and Oliva Serie V Melanio. For this group specifically I would recommend a Cuban Monte #2 or Tatuaje Jason. Thanks for the truly different experience James. "

-Paul Preuss

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