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Barrel House Coffee Co. began with two loving parents following their dreams. Nicole and James Howard are small business owners in the quaint town of Ball Ground, GA located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. When their locally produced décor and furniture store had a surplus of barrels being used for tables, they decided to drop some unroasted coffee beans in them to see what happens. Roasting coffee was a bit of a hobby for the couple so naturally they wanted to experiment with the barrel-aging process.


After many attempts they discovered the proper method that led to our incredibly unique barrel-aged coffee. The next phase was to get the coffee in the hands of as many patrons as possible. Starting with offering the bagged coffee in their décor store and many weekends at the local farmer's market, Nicole and James were unknowingly close to meeting their soon-to-be partners. After a brief conversation over a sample cup of Whiskey Colombian, they met Kathryn and Ryan Turnage.  

Kathryn and Ryan have degrees in business and business management but never had the opportunity to start their own small business. After meeting Nicole and James, they knew this was their chance. Ryan has a strong love for bourbon and coffee which he discovered during his time as an active duty Marine. 

While deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Ryan would spend his mornings with a pot of $!@#bucks (we don't say that word around here lol). That pot of coffee became his ritual and the needed moment of solitude before the hectic daily operations ensued.

After Kathryn and Ryan married, they dedicated themselves to pushing the other out of their comfort zones and accepting new challenges they otherwise never would have imagined. Kathryn developed a sharp skill in organizing and detailing every aspect of a business while Ryan honed his skills in marketing and advertising. 

With these four owners putting their heads together, Barrel House Coffee Co. is causing a ripple in the coffee community. 

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Barrel House Coffee CO.


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